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After Effects

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Animated explainer videos increase con­ver­sion rates by 20% according to an Unbounce surveyThat’s no surprise when you think about video’s ability to explain the complex.  While watching your ani­mated explainer online video, usually an After Effects animated video, customers will be captivated and engaged so your lead conversation rates of casual browsers into paying customers increases. Here are a few examples of animated explainer online marketing videos (both After Effects animation and 3D animations) – If you are looking for an an animated video and are looking for turn-key service, contact us today at 646.319.8609 or fill out our online form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Online product video for software product for WoltersKluwer

Online product video for Hartz’s new Dog Pad – After Effects video

Business After Effects Animated Explainer Promotional Video

One of a series of two video for the client’s marketing efforts on a new product. This video is a 1.5 minute benefit/educational video presenting the product and how the product was created from their leadership in understanding the needs, problems, solution and benefits to their clients.

New York Business website video production services for an animated explainer video

Online business sales video for software product by Maxyimiser